Week 1 Reflection: Emerging Technologies

I think it’s so awesome to read similar articles on a topic and interact over thoughts and interpretations.  It continues to amaze me that we can have so many different interpretations from the same article or topic.

I read a few blogs this week and it was interesting because we all picked up on different nuances of meaning for emerging technologies.  The big idea was all the same:  Emerging technologies can be, but aren’t necessarily, new; they are evolving and aren’t completely understood yet.

One thing that I really picked up on from others’ blog postings were the idea that emerging technologies go through what Valetsianos (2016) calls, “hype circles.” When emerging technologies come about we don’t really know if they are going to be around for a while or if they are going to drop in popularity.  Laura’s post (https://ruralakteacher.wordpress.com/2016/05/21/week-1what-are-emerging-technologies/comment-page-1/#comment-3) really started to shift my thinking in this way as she picked up on the word trend to mean that something that comes and goes (when I read the NMC Report I interpreted trend to be the way that something was going.  It’s so great to be pushed to think in new ways even about little things like this!) Sarah L’s post (at http://teachinginak.weebly.com/edet-678-emerging-tech/week-1-blog#comments) helped me  understand that, yes ETs are not yet fully understood, so it’s hard to decide how to use them properly, and Melissa (http://kodiakreadingteacher.blogspot.com/2016/05/week-1-essential-questioin-what-are.html#comment-form)  added the idea that not only are the technologies not completely understood, but neither are the effects on students’ learning, which could contribute to education’s resistance to change.  Finally, Sarah K. helped me expand my thinking past the realm of education with her blog post (https://chemmomak.wordpress.com/2016/05/21/how-do-we-define-emerging-technologies/#comments); she also pointed out that emerging technologies are projected to have long term impact (Hilary Sutcliffe, 2014).

So let me try another evolving definition of emerging technologies:

Emerging technologies might be new, but they could also be innovations on previous ideas.  ET are evolving and are not completely understood, because of this we do not know the long term effects on students learning or on the social/business world–they could become vitally important and change the way something is done or they could come up and fade from popularity, though they are projected to have long term impact.  The big word with ET is CHANGE.  The technologies and ideas are constantly evolving and changing.

Sutcliffe, H. (2014, May 13). Emerging Technology definition brainstorm! Retrieved May 21, 2016, from http://www.matterforall.org/emerging-technology-definition-brainstorm/ 

Veletsianos, G. (2016). A definition of Emerging Technologies for Education. Retrieved from http://www.veletsianos.com/2008/11/18/a-definition-of-emerging-technologies-for-education/ 

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