Week 4 Reflection

Looking at Maker Spaces this week was super useful for me. They encourage students to be creative, innovative, and to solve problems. Like Brian said in his post, Maker Spaces allow students to fail—and that’s how they learn to succeed, through improving on failed attempts.   Aleta and Melissa reminded me about what an important job teachers have in Maker Spaces—to know when to step in and ask a leading question and to know when to sit back and let students figure it out for themselves. I think teaching students a can-do, problem-solving attitude is such an important benefit to the Maker Space pedagogy.

Laura’s post included the “three easy steps” to starting a Maker Space and was so encouraging to me. It really can be as simple as securing a space, putting stuff in it, and inviting students to play.   After reading Daysha’s post, I thought about our computer lab’s cabinet that just keeps collecting “junk” from teachers that have come and gone…that “junk” is going to be a gold mine for my Maker Space. My art lessons have always been students working on the same project.   I can totally see the benefit to setting up a space with materials and allowing students to create through using their imagination instead. I’m so charged to get started!


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