Week 5 Reflection

What a fun week expanding my knowledge on the crazy world within the IoT.  Designing a device for the classroom that falls within the IoT and reading about other colleague’s “inventions” leaves me wondering what the future holds for technology in the field of education.  There’s certainly a lot of possibility, but it was interesting to note that in the IoT Market Map that Gerald found–there was no category for education.  He figured it was probably buried within different categories.

It was fun to read about some different inventions that others came up with and how they would solve a variety of common problems by assisting the teacher to collect data in order to inform his/her instruction and best meet the needs of the kids.  Jessica’s device would help to monitor the anxiety level and cognitive strain in her students–assisting the teacher in adapting his/her instruction to meet the needs of the students.  I also thought this device would have potential to allow teachers to differentiate or offer more of a challenge if students are taking enough of a cognitive load.

Sarah’s idea about a vibration to alert students that they are off task and gently reminding them to turn their attention back to their work would be something that would be easily added to my device as well.   I wouldn’t have thought of using that, and I can see some connections to Josie’s device that would collect data on student behavior in order to inform instruction.  Perhaps the number and times of vibrations could be logged and a report could be constructed to see patterns in student behavior.

Gerald had a similar idea to my smart surface adapted for use in the upper grades.  I think there’s a lot of potential for a tablet that allows a classroom to be paper-less with digital (interactive) textbooks.  It’s interesting to note that we came up with similar ideas for such diverse grade levels and I think that really points to the potential for the IoT in the classroom.

Sarah discussed the importance and value in security and privacy in the design of her device and I think this is so important.  We would have to take steps to ensure the privacy and security of the data collected on students.

Thinking about these “inventions” and reading about the IoT left me with one big thought:  technology cannot replace teachers.  Sure we can use it as a tool to help us collect data, but I think it is very important not to get so caught up in the data collected by these devices that we forget to use our own intuition.  WE know our students and our knoweldge, feelings, and instincts about students should always come first.  Aleta talked about this in her blog post using some of her personal experiences and I could really relate and find the value in this.

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