Week 6 Reflection

I enjoyed reading my colleagues’ blogs and chatting on Twitter this week.  This reading really helped me to round out my understanding of the complete argument around coding in schools, especially the arguments against coding.

Because I attacked this topic with the mindset of teaching it to second grade, I did not even consider the idea that teaching students to code could prepare them for future jobs, some of which do not even exist yet.  Also I just thought of teaching this in a 2nd grade room I only thought of teaching it as a special at a separate time, bust so many of our classmates made the argument to integrate it into other core subjects.

Finally reading blogs this week really helped me understand more of the argument against teaching coding in school.  Sarah K cited an interesting article in which the author believes that students aren’t developmentally ready to reason abstractly with technology until age 14.  Genevieve mentioned teachers being uncomfortable with technology as a con that I had not considered. It got me thinking: in our Twitter session we discussed using the free resources available to educate ourselves as teachers in order to offer these skills to our students. However, what do we do with a teacher that is unmotivated to learn by his or herself? The only solution that comes to me is that the administration would have to offer the whole staff a PD session or more on coding.

It’s so interesting to read others’ blogs on the same topics.  Everyone approaches the topic from a slightly different perspective, and together we form a well rounded argument/knowledge base!

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