Week 10 Reflection

When I read and blogged on the topic of electronics and crafting, I focused mainly on circuits, but Daysha and Melissa reminded me of the sewing option. This might just capture another student’s interest in electronics! It was fun to read about different ideas for circuits on their blogs, as well as on Tricia’s and I was able to share a great resource for squishy circuits that would be so fun, and inexpensive, to create with young children! (http://courseweb.stthomas.edu/apthomas/SquishyCircuits/videos2.htm)

Finally, Camille’s blog post really put an idea that has been circulating in my mind into words. If we had the option of adding this (crafting with electronics) to a MakerSpace or a STEM classroom-making it a STEAM classroom-we might have the chance to hook the interest of more female students, who might then go on to explore more in the STEM fields. If that’s a possibility, it seems like we’ve definitely got to give it a try!

From our Twitter session, I wouldn’t have thought of the option of recycling ewaste and using it to craft—what a creative solution to a problem that most schools have!



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