Week 11 Reflection

This week we looked at technology policy and discussed how to help our district in creating these policies.  I did not address the second part of the question in my first blog post.  After reading blogs and leading our Twitter chat this week, I’ve realized there are many ways to help the district in creating policies.  Probably the most helpful would be to volunteer to be a part of the committee that drafts the policy.  But as Genevieve pointed out, we can also help to make change by writing letters.  Finally, I think stepping up in our building as a technology leader is an important place to start.  This includes not only sharing success with emerging technology, but also stepping up to offer “training” or help to new teachers or other teachers not as  proficient with technology.

Sarah did a super job breaking the Learning and Technology Policy Framework for Alberta into it’s 5 parts–and explained that any policy that covers these 5 parts would have a sufficient policy in place.  Their policy’s 5 main components are (1) Student-Centered Learning; (2) Research and Innovation; (3) Professional Learning; (4) Leadership; (5) Access, Infrastructure, and Digital Learning Environments.  At the start of class, I had contacted our IT director and she directed me to the Strategic Plan for the district for 2016-2021.  Though the plan is not specifically for technology there are technology plans cited within.  The district is has identified 5 goals: student learning, stakeholder satisfaction employee development, support systems, fiscal responsibility.  Technology mainly falls into the support system area, but can be found referenced in other areas too.  As I read through this I thought of Melissa’s post on the difference between a plan and a policy.  It seems to me that our district would benefit from having a Technology Policy in place, a policy that follows the 5 components listed on the Learning and Technology Framework for Alberta. The one policy they do already have is an Acceptable Use Policy in place.

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