5 thoughts on “Funding Proposal

  1. ruralakteacher says:

    I have enjoyed listening to your proposal about the Flat Stanley worldwide reach out. What a great idea to learn about others while having the students in their own communities dig deeper into their own culture and history. I hope you are planning on submitting this to your administration because I think your project would fit right into where schools should be heading to not only integrate culture more into the classroom but also make those worldwide connections. Great post!


  2. triciaturley05 says:

    You said, “Setting the foundation for safe and respectful digital communication.” Good for you wanting to start that with your youngsters. It’s so important. I also love that you have a piece of your project that can involve parents. I’m always so pleased at the parents who do jump in with both feet with projects like this. It really helps build a lot of excitement in the classroom.


  3. Kodiak Reading Teacher says:

    This reminds me a little bit about those FB posts where people post a picture and see how many people will respond or like the picture to showcase digital footprint. I definitely think you have hit on an emerging technology in that you are showing your students just how far they can reach out into the world, even from their tiny village.


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